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Tips for Moving in to your new home with your soon to be spouse

One of the most challenging aspects once married is to move in together and share the same living spaces. Your stuff is important to you and so is his and the decision to what stuff goes where in the home is always a topic of discussion. We had an interior designer mediate on the process […]

Tips on planning an outdoor wedding

The open blue sky on a summer or autumn evening whether in a public place or in your own garden makes for a great location for a romantic wedding. If you’re planning on having an outdoor celebration, there are plenty of choices to choose from. Here is a short list that will help you better […]

Bust Wedding Planning Stress

You are yet to come up with a strong game plan Our recommended alternative: The beginning of getting everything organised is first discussing it with your group and members of your family. The idea is to first create a vision of what your ideal wedding day would look like and plan backwards from there. The […]

Childcare facilities at your wedding

Most guest lists have children included in it and if you want to put your guests at ease, providing childcare at the reception and ceremony would be something you should consider. This is a big plus for your guests that come from outstation. Some basic childcare facilities will thus help them relax and enjoy the […]

Things you must know before you send out the wedding invites

Here is a checklist that will come in handy in ensuring that you have laid out everything correctly when the stationary is ready to be posted. The timing of the invites Your guests would need a sufficient amount of time to make plans and respond to your invite. Getting organised at least a month in […]

Turning Your Wedding into a Fun Celebration

There is plenty of chatter online telling you about how you can get your wedding to be picture perfect, with the right centrepieces, dresses, customization, styles, and so much more, but you don’t really come across much information on how you can get your guests to enjoy themselves and have a good time as well. […]

Common planning mistakes to avoid

“The top three things on most brides to be wedding planning list are the dress, the venue and the guest list.” These could have significant influence on your budget spending as without a plan you could overspend and would later have to compromise on things like the honeymoon or other important aspects. “Being prepared right from the start would give you an organised approach to spending. A well laid out budget should also include overtime charges, transportation services and tips,” says Stacy Allen from Wedding Works.

Kelly & Jake and Their Picture Perfect Wedding

Every couple likes to add their own little touch of uniqueness to the wedding expressing their personalities and their feelings for each other. The settings of this wedding is so well laid out with every attention to the little things. With a mix of vintage elements such as a tabletop or even the table runners […]

Budgets: The First Step to Planning a Wedding

All wedding planning first begins with a budget, irrespective of whether you are having an intimate gathering or a large one. Budget planning is the first step in deciding what you need to spend on and how much you plan to spend on it. We’ve created a list of tips that will help you manage […]

Fabulous Wedding Themes That You Will Love

With plenty of options available, choosing a wedding them is one of the most important tasks that couples have to think about. Your theme is something that will set the tone of the entire wedding planning process and the day itself. Your floral decor, the style of the cake, your wedding invites and other stationery […]